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Cardiology, which is the science of heart diseases, is a combination of the words cardia and logic. Cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with various heart diseases and ailments from congenital defects to subsequent heart diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart failure.

Cardiologist for general cardiovascular health;

  • Examines all medical records
  • Controls blood pressure and blood vessels
  • Examines the lungs and respiration
  • They also have tests such as x-rays, blood tests or electrocardiograms (EKG), or other special tests.

The cardiologist is not a surgeon. A cardiac surgeon is a different specialist who performs the actual physical heart surgery. A cardiologist will take care of testing and other procedures. Some cardiologists specialize in pediatrics, ie pediatric cardiology. Others specialize in adult cardiology. There are three main types of cardiology: invasive, non-invasive, and invasive. Your cardiologist may use one or more techniques to identify and treat your heart condition.

What is Non-Invasive Cardiology?

Non-invasive cardiology is the identification of heart problems without using any needles, fluids, or other devices in the body.

  • Cardiac electrophysiology: Examination, measurement, and 3-dimensional mapping of electrical currents that make up heartbeats
  • Stress tests: ECG and breathing tests while exercising on the treadmill or bicycle. It is used to determine how your heart works under exercise/stress.
  • CT scans: It is an imaging system that provides information about the diameters of the heart vessels and the occlusion rates with a special computed tomography device.

What is Interventional Cardiology?

Interventional cardiology; It is a non-surgical option that is used to visualize and repair damaged or weakened vessels, narrowed arteries or other affected parts of the heart structure, usually through the artery with a tool called a catheter.

What is treated with interventional cardiology?

  • Coronary artery disease: Blockage and narrowing of the arteries feeding the heart
  • Valvular heart disease: In the stenosis or failure of the valves controlling blood flow between the heart chambers
  • Peripheral vascular diseases: Disorders of the blocked or stiffened veins or arteries in other parts of the body, peripheral vascular disorders such as stiffening by losing their elasticity, occlusion or tearing affect the heart and general body health.