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Healthcare is a well-improved sector in Turkey. Ministry of Health controls all of the private, governmental hospitals and other health institutions. All of them have to meet the conditions of the audition. Besides domestic improvements and researches, technological advances in the world are followed by Turkish health professionals. In ten years, Turkey is preferred for healthcare services by a lot of countries in the world.

Turkey provides good quality healthcare at lower costs, comparing the countries in Europe, U.S and others. Because of the well-developed doctors, having the latest type of equipment and so many options, Turkey has become one of the most preferable countries for medical tourism.

Healthcare service in Turkey is free for Turkish citizens due to the social security system but the foreign patient needs to pay.

This surgery that doing as removing the cranium is one of the risky and major operations of brain surgery.

Every brain surgery is very dangerous because the brain controls every function in the human body, but craniotomy has more risk. The patients have to protect their brain, after the surgery well. Depending on the brain area performed, some serious chances or loss of memory, speech, coordination and more. Producing over fluid, landing, attacks, distention in the brain and more complication after the surgery make this the most dangerous surgery.

Because the brain controls every vital function in the body, brain surgeries are risky. Not just the method of the surgery, the illness and localization are also playing an important role to evaluate the risk.

Organ transplantations are very complex surgeries. Complex procedures are needed, especially for liver and lung transplantation.

For obesity surgeries, adult patients have to be class 3 obese (BMI is higher than 35 and type 2 diabetes or BMI higher than 40).

If you have the conditions for the surgery, you can lose a large amount of weight. After surgery, you are able to eat less food. If you choose a healthy lifestyle (activity and healthy nutrition) with surgery, it will be the most achieved method for years.

The doctor chooses the best surgery method as the situation of the patient and gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy are shown as successful operations.

The stage of cancer is very important for treatment. In the early stages, the healing chance is very high. Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Testicular cancer and Thyroid cancer are curable successfully. Lately, there are good results for colon cancer.

For cancer treatment, the scientist is working on and trying to find more successful, proper methods. The achievement depends on the patient and the cancer type. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immune therapy are the methods applied successfully.

It changes with the hospital and the service and much lower than in Europe and America.

IVF process depends on a lot of conditions. One cycle is approximately two weeks and to get pregnant sometimes a more than one trial is needed.