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    Organ transplantation is the most common treatment in the event of near-total function loss in organs such as kidney, heart, and liver failure. Although there are alternative treatments in end-stage..

    Cardiovascular Surgery

    The cardiovascular system transports all the necessary substances that ensure the continuity of all vital functions to the necessary parts of the body, providing control of the endocrine system..

    Cancer Treatment

    In cancer treatment, in which the main goal is to return the patient to a normal life system after the diagnosis of cancer, complete treatment may not always be possible, at..

    After you submit your medical test reports requested by our health consultants, we direct your information to our doctors. Then, we evaluate the most suitable options for your treatment and we are with you at every step of your healing process.

    A World Hospital in the Center of Istanbul 

    Superior technology, distinguished academic staff, patient-oriented service understanding, the healing power of green and art, modern architectural designs.


    The minute you arrive in Istanbul, you’ll be picked up at the airport. With a private car which is driven by a professional chauffeur, we provide all your local transportation!


    You’re not alone with us, wherever you come from! To make you feel at home, a private translator will company you at every stage of your treatment during your visit.


    There is no need to concern about your stay: All arrangements are made in the name of you! Be ready for a stay in a five-star hotel in a central location, including breakfast.


    After your operation in our hospital, we’re still here to assist you with our all resources. Your private consultant will continue to contact you to follow your treatment process.

    Hello! My husband had started to put on weight, after our 3rd years of marriage. When he reached 132 kgs in a year, finally he convinced to get a treat. We tried almost all diet programs and specialists but nothing was the permanent solution. While I was searching for a method, I’ve heard that Akinmed works with very successful surgeons in Turkey. We talked about the concerns and decided to go to Turkey. All the team was very kind, concerned, and professional in their job. The surgery was very successful and my husband was 86 kg in 3 months. Thanks to everyone in Akinmed.

    Blerta C. / Albania

    I am 56 and it been said to me that I‘ve stomach cancer and have 9 months more to live. With some recommendation, I’ve reached to Kayhan Altıntaş from Turkey. My diagnosis and treatment was planned fastly by Akinmed. All the doctors said that I never can’t be cured but a professional surgeon accept to operate and I am healthy now. Although it is been 2 years after the surgery, I am moving on to my life as a healthy person. I am dieting and keeping away from stress as my doctors recommend.

    Otabek M. / Uzbekistan


    How long does it take to get pregnant with IVF?

    IVF process success depends on a lot of conditions. One cycle is three weeks and to get pregnant sometimes a more than one trial is needed. You can have multiple babies if multiple embryos had transferred.

    What is the most effective treatment for cancer?

    For cancer treatment, the scientist is working on and trying to find more successful, proper methods. The achievement depends on the patient and the cancer type. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immune therapy are the methods applied successfully.

    What is the most difficult organ to transplant?

    Organ transplantations are very complex surgeries. Complex procedures are needed, especially for liver and lung transplantation.

    Is surgery a good solution to obesity?

    If you have the conditions for the surgery, you can lose a large amount of weight. After surgery, you can eat less food. If you choose a healthy lifestyle (activity and healthy nutrition) with surgery, it will be the most achieved method for years.